I would like to repeat the question. Are you still using live TEXT chat?

In the past few weeks, I have been talking about the various live chat softwares available for businesses. In this article, I even spoke about the six best live chat softwares for startups. Why then am I asking this question? Because the emphasis largely lies on the word ‘text’.

You could think that I am asking this question because I am part of a video conferencing company. Well then, lets be fair on all of us, including the text chat software companies shall we. Let’s first list out the pro’s of a live text chat software like Instant Messenger, AOL or Tokbox.



The apex function of any live chat software is to enable businesses to be in constant contact with customers and clients. And a live text chat software like Messenger and Yahoo provides businesses with that. No matter where the customer is located, with the help of live text chat softwares, businesses can contact them in real time at anytime. A live text chat software also enables employees to communicate within the company. Within the company, colleagues can send and receive messages in real time without any direct communication.


A live text chat software enables for real time communication and sharing of work reports or documents, hence, creating a virtual conference meeting. With the help of these softwares, companies can save time and energy by conducting virtual conference chats. This saves money as well as employees don’t have to travel to further away places for meetings.

These are just two of the main advantages of using a live text chat software in businesses. There are a lot more advantages of a live text chat software, but the point is, that all of these functions are fulfilled by a live video chat software as well. A live video chat software too enables businesses to communicate with their customers in real time. It too allows employees to communicate within the company without any direct contact. And a live video chat software allows businesses to create a virtual conference call as well.

Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of a live text chat software and how a live video chat software overcomes all of these disadvantages.



Though live text chat softwares enable constant communication over the chat window, these softwares take away the face-to-face value of communication. It removes the personal touch a one-on-one communication provides. Real time communication is an amazing advantage, but losing the emotional attachment with your customer because of the lack of face-to-face communication is a huge disadvantage for the company.


So customers talk to the employees using the live text chat software. They pour out their queries, suggestions and compliments to the so-called employee. But what is the surety that the person you are talking to is an employee of the company itself? Because of the lack of face-to-face communication, not knowing who you are talking to through the instant messenger can be extremely dangerous if you are not careful. Uncertainty about if the person you are talking to is the person you are talking to is especially dangerous when you are not very familiar with the things and risks of the Internet.


During virtual conference meetings, employees could share documents and related files to the others in the meeting. You are as it is unsure if the person you are talking to is really the person you are talking to. On top of that you share confidential and official documents with him/her. Due to the lack of face-to-face communication, there are a lot of security risks involved in live text chat softwares. On the other hand, there is no space for a detailed analysis during conference meetings. Many at times, live text chat softwares have word limit. This could be extremely irritating when employees have to explain detailed procedures to the customers. It is not just irritating to the employee to type out the entire thing, it also challenging for the customer to understand the concept in so many messages.

When I mentioned the advantages of live text chat softwares I also mentioned that a live video chat software provides all of the advantages mentioned. However, the beauty of a live video chat software is that it has taken all the disadvantages of a live text chat software and overcome all of those disadvantages. And the best part is that all of those disadvantages is solely due to one feature – the lack of face-to-face communication. With a live video chat software, obviously, this disadvantage is overcome.

Now, lets discuss the advantages of a live video chat software.




In the disadvantages of a live text chat software we mentioned that constant instant messaging took away the personal and human touch from conversations. However, with a live video chat software, businesses can not just keep in constant touch with their customers in real time, they can also provide them with the human touch they would get if they were shopping in a brick-and-mortar retail shop.

Reports have shown that, despite the comfort of e-commerce websites, people still prefer shopping in a retail shop than over the internet. One possible reason for this could be the personal touch one gets from a retail store. If e-commerce websites can provide this personal touch through a live video chat why wouldn’t they use it? And a report showed, nearly 7% of the population prefer using a live video chat over other chat softwares. This would probably be a small number when compared to others, but the live video chat industry is still at its initial stages. And if we have got a 7% in its starting stages, it is definitely worth mentioning. For more details on how and why a live video chat software is a better tool to improve customer loyalty and support go through this article.



Face-to-face communication solves half of the problem. When you can see who you are talking, you are sure who you are conversing with and with whom you are sharing your confidential documents with. With the live video chat software, you can converse and share documents with no worry about the safety aspects and about whom you are sharing it with. With live video chat there is absolutely no space or word constraint. Employees can talk to their customers, and vice versa, as much as they wish or till all of their problems are cleared. No matter how long or short the issue is, employees are sure to explain every issue in detail until the customer is fully thorough with the product.


According to a research done by Forrester, twenty seven percent of online consumers prefer having an online chat box appear and ask if they need help with an online purchase. For example, employees figure that a particular customer is roaming around the FAQ page for a long time, your online video chat pops up and you ask the customer if they need help with their purchase. Wouldn’t it be amazing to receive help even before you ask for it? This is called a proactive chat software and researches have shown that customers prefer a proactive chat software rather than having to ask for the help. Incorporating with proactive live video chat not just satisfies your customers but also improves sales and management relationships. And for those customers who do not prefer being visible to a stranger, our video calling software provides an audio chat option as well.

However here is a warning to all video chat software companies. Another research by Forrester has shown that as concurrency increases, agent satisfaction decreases. Concurrency is the process of multitasking. In live video chat language, it is the process of multipoint communicaion, i.e, talking to several people at a time. However, according to the research, there is a limit up to which people can multitask. And beyond this point, people tend to get irritated and frustrated. So limit the number os multi-point chats your live video chat software allows.

So I repeat my question one last time. Are you still using live text chat? Because if you are it is high time you switched to an audio or video live chat software.

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